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Club Med(icine): DOM Debuts New Community Space
Did someone say coffee and snacks? Step into the world where medicine meets productivity. Designed for the diverse office environments our members may need, this complex of reservable workstations, private rooms, and huddle rooms is open to all! Learn all about the space, the amenities, and resources available to you.
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Brett Robbins Named Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
Brett Robbins, MD, has served as the DOM vice chair for Education since 2018, and as the Medicine-Pediatrics Residency program director for 25 years. The positive impact he has had on our faculty and residents is unquestionable. While he will be sorely missed in the DOM, we're glad he'll be close by, shaping the future of residents and fellows across the entire institution in true Brett fashion.
Edith Williams Appointed Director of Center for Community Health & Prevention
Edith Williams, MS, PhD, who holds a joint appointment in Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology, takes on this new role in addition to her position as the founding director of the Office of Health Equity Research.
Save the Date: DOM Town Hall
on February 12
Mark your calendars for the Monday, 2/12 meeting at noon, as DOM leaders prepare to unveil the five-year Strategic Plan. We're encouraging everyone to attend this special edition Town Hall to kickstart our collective journey into the future. This plan is intended for every member of our department, and we look forward to you joining us for this introduction.
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Grants: The Center for Community Health & Prevention received a five-year,
$21 million grant that will fund the NYS Emerging Infections Program, led by Ghinwa Dumyati, MD, from Infectious Diseases. Read the news here.

Publication: Fahad Saeed, MBBS, and TramAnh Phan, MD, both from Nephrology, are co-authors of "Uncovering Patient and Caregiver Goals for Goal-Concordant Care in Kidney Therapy Decisions," published in the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

Publication: Sonal Munsiff, MD, Colleen Burgoyne, NP, and Alexandra Yamshchikov, MD, all from Infectious Diseases, are co-authors of "Making the EHR work for you - Modifications of an Electronic Health Record System to Improve Tracking and Management of Patients Receiving Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy," published in Open Forum Infectious Diseases.

Publication: Jing (Jason) Wu, PhD, from Nephrology, is corresponding author of "The Pathogenesis and Impact of Arterial Stiffening in Hypertension: The 2023 John H. Laragh Research Award," published in the American Journal of Hypertension.

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Get to know the DOM's Diversity, Inclusion, Culture & Equity (DICE) Board!

DEI Champion: TramAnh Phan, MD

Division: Nephrology

Spotlight: TramAnh believes that diversity should not only be recognized, but celebrated! Learn how her personal and professional experiences have shaped her outlook, and find out just how many fish tanks she has!

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Join a Pilot Mini-Course on the Ethical Dimensions of Translational Research

The Department of Health Humanities and Bioethics is looking for early career researchers to participate in a study that involves eight in-person discussions, two surveys, and a focus group, from mid-March through early May. Learn more about the study from the TEAM Course Description and Information Sheet. Fill out this RedCap Survey to to see if you're eligible. Questions? Contact Jonathan Herington, PhD. Enrollment is open until February 10.

Need Data Storage Solutions for Your Research?

IT Security has developed new guidance on data storage for the University's research community, centrally located for easy access by faculty, researchers, and students. This guidance is also a good reference for work data that's not related to research. Refer to these resources to choose a solution that works best for your needs.

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Submit Satcher Award Nominations for Community Health Champions

The Center for Community Health & Prevention is accepting nominations for the 15th annual Dr. David Satcher Community Health Improvement Awards. Nominations are due by noon Monday, March 25. New this year, a team category has been added to the staff, junior faculty, and senior faculty award categories. The awards reflect the mission of the Center for Community Health & Prevention and URMC to develop and expand community-University partnerships that support community-engaged research and interventions that reduce health inequities and improve communities' health.

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Bump, set, spike, STAT! As part of team-building and wellness activities, IM and Med/Peds residents joined a volleyball league, and recently challenged a group of attendings to their first match. Players included faculty from Geriatrics and Hospital Medicine from Strong and Highland, as well as fellows from Pulmonary. Check out these photos of their first game, courtesy of IM resident Xingyi Shi, MD. There will be a rematch in March!
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